Call for applications

During the next general assembly of the ESSM in Lisbon approval of the next Treasurer and Chair of Educational Committee will take place.

Eligible candidates according to the description here under are welcome to apply. The current interim chair of education is a candidate as well.

Application should be send to not later than 1st of November 2017 and include:

    • Letter of motivation including relevant experience for the position applied.
    • Short CV

    Applications will be reviewed during the next executive committee meeting in November 2017 and selected candidate will be approved by the ESSM general assembly during the World Congress of Sexual Medicine in Lisbon 2018.

    In some circumstances the ESSM Executive Committee will ask for personal interview beforehand.

    The Treasurer should be a full ESSM member and is responsible for the financial supervision of the society to allow the committee to provide good governance. The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer whose tasks include the preparation of annual budgets, planning for the organizations financial future and monitoring the organizations revenue and expenditure. It is desirable that the treasurer is well organized and possesses a level of financial expertise. Assist the Society in increasing sponsorship for the annual meetings, expanding ESSM activities within and outside the EU thereby promoting growth of the Society.

    Desirable attributes

    • Good organizational skills
    • Has some financial expertise
    • Ability to maintain accurate records
    • Honest/trustworthy
    • Good communication skills
    • Fluent English

    Specific duties include but are not limited to

    • Provide advice to the committee in their management of the society finances
    • Administer all financial affairs of the society
    • Lead the annual budget process and ensure an appropriate annual budget is provided to the committee for approval
    • Ensure development and committee review of financial policies and procedures
    • Support any required auditing processes
    • Receipt of all incoming monies
    • Bank all monies received
    • Pay all accounts
    • Maintain accurate records of all income and expenditure
    • Ensure that all receipts and payments

    The ESSM Educational Committee (EC) empowers the assurance that quality education is available to all ESSM members. 

    Members of the ESSM EC should be known in the field of sexual medicine and should be invited by the EC Chairman based in their previous experiences in local and international educational activities. Whenever possible, an European country distribution is advisable, unless the global specialty area is impossible to accomplish. Urology, Gynecology, Endocrinology and Psychology must always be present in the EC. As a main goal, the EC should put on all efforts need to develop a continuous education program.

    The educational committee chair is:

    • Full ESSM member
    • Responsible for the documentation and communication of the activities of the Educational Committee
    • Provides the links between the committee, members and the ESSM Executive Committee
    • Should be a good communicator, have the ability to delegate tasks and supervise others, and have insight and overview of the educational process of under- and postgraduate physicians in sexual medicine according to the curriculum of sexual medicine of the MJCSM
    • Prepare agenda of the Educational Committee meeting, 
    • Prepare and initiate educational activities in different levels,
    • Receive and disseminate correspondence to and from the committee.
    • Help and lead the committee in providing systematic communication from the committee to relevant stakeholders all in agreement with the Executive Committee decisions.
    • Develop and submit to the EC, a plan and proposed budget for educational meetings and activities for the coming year. Among activities and events are; ESSM School, Preparation courses for the exams, updating of the syllabus and manual of sexual medicine, ESSM symposia in international meetings, curriculum developments on sexual medicine.
    • Collaborate on these matters with the scientific committee and the website editors
    • Operate within the bylaws, policies, programs and strategic plan of the ESSM and the Curriculum of the MJCSM standing rules.