ESSM/Boston Scientific Penile Implant Fellowship

It is our great pleasure to announce a partnered fellowship grant program for penile implanters offered in collaboration between the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) and Boston Scientific. The purpose of the program is to allow qualified candidates to train at recognized European Centers of Excellence in order to gain proficiency in penile implant surgeries. The combined duration of fellowships must be at least 3 months and allow for the implantation of at least 30 implants at the chosen center/consortium centers. The grants will go toward expenses associated with such fellowships according to pre-specified budgets drafted by the applicants.

A total of 5 fellowship grants up to € 30,000 can be paid out to successful applicants for use during 2018.


Fellowship criteria

  • Applicants must be a consultant or within one year of completion of their general urological or related specialist training
  • Applicants must be committed to career in andrology and/or reconstructive urology
  • Applicants must be active members of the ESSM in good standing
  • Completion of the ESSM School of Sexual Medicine course and/or the Fellowship of the Committee of Sexual Medicine title will be an advantage but is not a requirement.
  • Publications relevant to the field will be an advantage but is not a requirement.
  • Each potential fellow will need to liaise with a center of excellence themselves.

Centers of Excellence

  • All fellowship institutions must be in good standing and recognized centers of excellence for penile implant surgery: Minimum annual volumes of 50 penile implants per year with 2 implanters (as confirmed by a signed letter by the head of the department)
  • Consortium Centers (e.g. 2-3 hospitals within a narrow geography) may join together to form a single fellowship center if this enables better exposure for the fellow

Application process

Potential fellows for 2018 are asked to submit their applications by email to by 15th December 2017.

The applicant must include a full CV and motivated personal statement (maximum 500 words) as well as a detailed budget and a time schedule of the fellowship. In addition a signed agreement with a recognized center of excellence and a reference with support from either their home department or their national ESSM affiliated society for sexual medicine is needed.

The applications will be reviewed by a grant committee appointed by the ESSM. Upon the initial assessment, applicants may be asked to participate in a follow-up interview. 

Successful applicants and grant payments will be announced by 15th January 2018. On confirmation of the Fellow’s start date from the host center, the fellow will need to sign an agreement with ESSM regarding the expenses. After this grants will be paid directly to the fellow, preferably at an institutional account. The fellow will be solely responsible for making all relevant payments including expenses to the host institution and for tax purposes.  

Expectations and Responsibilities

Fellows’ timetables should include a mixture of operating sessions (1st surgeon predominating and assistant in complex cases), outpatients clinics and consultations, ward based care and research opportunities. Penile implant surgery should make up a significant component of fellows operative exposure, however it is anticipated that all andrological problems will be covered.

On completion of the fellowship, the host center must issue a report of the fellow to the ESSM and the fellow must complete a feedback review on the placement.  In addition, all fellows must submit a log book of their completed penile implant procedures and at least 3 structured assessments of their operative ability (eg. OATS). 

Fellows and mentors will be invited to annual fellows educational evening and dinner at the ESSM annual meeting with Boston Scientific. Fellows will also be invited to other Boston Scientific training and education events.