The Polish Society for Sexual Medicine was constituted/founded in Lódz, Poland on April 3rd, 2004. The PSSM's main purpose is to advance and promote sexual medicine and sexual therapy.

It is the first multidisciplinary organisation in Poland associating doctors working in the field of human sexuality. The members of the society are Sexologists, Psychiatrists, Gynecologists, Urologists and Cardiologists. At present, there are 65 members.

The aim of the society is to encourage the highest standards in clinical practice, education and research. Scientific meetings are organized in order to present recent research and clinical developments, as well as ito exchange experience and opinions in the field of male and female sexuality.

The Society is structured in 8 macro-regional sections, in order to allow better relationships with local institutions and a stronger territorial participation of the society itself.
( 1/ Mazowiecki, 2/ Kujawsko - Pomorski, 3/ Podkarpacki, 4/ Slaski, 5/ Lubelski, 6/ Dolnoslaski, 7/ Lódzki, 8/ Zachodniopomorski )

A national conference is organized by the society, every two years. PSSM associates with The Polish Association of Sexology (PAS) to hold National Congresses ( recently 21-23 October 2005). The Sexological Review is the official journal of the Polish Society for Sexual Medicine. PSSM in association with PAS publishes " The Polish Sexology ", a quarterly scientific journal.

Executive Committee:
President: Zbigniew Lew Starowicz
Vice President: Andrzej Depko
Secretary General: Tomasz Leonowicz
Treasurer: Zofia Wieczerzak

Slawomir Jakima
Roman Karnowski
Aleksandra Robacha

Contact Details
ul. Marymoncka 34
00-813 Warsaw

phone: +48 22 834 06 36
fax: +48 22 681 54 18