Call for centers to host ESSM/Boston Scientific Penile Implant Fellows for 2019

It is our great pleasure to announce a partnered fellowship grant program for penile implanters offered in collaboration between the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) and Boston Scientific (BSci). This is a call for fellowship institutions to accept fellows for 2019.

The purpose of the program is to allow qualified candidates to train at recognized European Centers of Excellence in order to gain proficiency in penile implant surgeries. The combined duration of fellowships must be at least 3 months and allow for the implantation of at least 30 implants at the chosen center/consortium centers. Potential fellows must be a consultant or within one year of completion of their general urological or related specialist training and committed to career in andrology and/or reconstructive urology.

Requirements for Fellowship Institutions

All fellowship institutions must be in good standing and recognized centers of excellence for penile implant surgery: Minimum annual volumes of 50 IPP per year with 2 implanters.
Consortium Centers (e.g. 2-3 hospitals within a narrow geography) may join together to form a single fellowship center if this enables better exposure for the fellow
No institution or consortium may have more than one fellow in each annual fellowship period.

Application Process

Centers who are interested in hosting fellows may apply, simply in the form of a letter signed by the head(s) of the relevant department(s) confirming that the above mentioned requirements are met. This should be received by the ESSM at before September 1st 2018 as the call for fellows will go out after this date.

Chosen centers will be announced on the ESSM website as recognized centers of excellence and will be highlighted in the official call for fellows. In their applications, fellows will shortlist their centers of choice and a matching process will take place after review of fellow applications. This will ensure that both centers and fellows are satisfied with the matches. Fellowship centers will not receive financial compensation for hosting fellows.