The ESSM - together with different cooperation partners - offers a variety of certifications.

The ESSM congratulates those who passed the certifications exams!

ESSM congratulates all successful candidates of the 2018 ECPS exam.

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ESSM and MJCSM congratulate all successful candidates of MJCSM exam 2018

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Become a Certified Specialist in Sexual Medicine with ESSM

Duration: 4 min. 18 sec.

Upcoming exams and certification exams:

The ESSM privides a variety of postgraduate certifications in the field of Sexual Medicine.

The certifications are for doctors, psychologists and professionals in the field of Sexual Medicine, who are interested in advancing their knowledge to the latest scientific outcomes - and also to become part of the ESSM network.

The certifications are acknowledged by the European Institutions and stand for a high level professional education in the field of Sexual Medicine.

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