FAQ ESSM Advanced Course

Program and eligibility

When and where will the Advanced course take place?

The Advanced course will take place from 8 november till 17 november 2019 in Budapest Hungary. It will be given at the same hotel at the same time as the ESSM School. Participants from both courses will be able to meet each other. A few workshops will be open to participants from both groups.

When am I eligible for the Advanced course?

The following criteria apply to participation in the Advanced course

  • More than 5 years working clinically in Sexual Medicine or Clinical Sexology
  • Attended specific training in Sexual Medicine/Clinical Sexology or ESSM school
  • Work in multidisciplinary team OR Already FECSM or ECPS

All 3 criteria need to be met to be eligible for the Advanced Course.

Although the Advanced course is organized by a European society, participants from all over the world are welcome to attend.

What are the topics of the Advanced course?

The Advanced course covers: complex sexual development and identity; complex medical/surgical/psychological treatment strategies; neurobiology; chronic conditions; couple issues; pain; infertility; complex FSD; complex MSD.

The exact program of the Advanced course can be found through: ESSM Advanced course program (PDF)

Who is the faculty of the Advanced course?

The directors of both programs are Mikkel Fode, Hester Pastoor, Cobi Reisman and Francesca Tripodi. Hester Pastoor and Cobi Reisman will be in charge of the Advanced course.

The faculty of both courses is partly similar, because of logistic reasons. You can find the names of the lecturers in the Advanced course program: ESSM Advanced course program (PDF)

What is the difference between the ESSM School and the ESSM Advanced course?

The ESSM School covers the most common sexual problems that you encounter in your clinical practice, like sexual dysfunction in men and women. Besides this, it also covers theoretical concepts, theoretical models and background information about sexual development, sexual identity and sexual functioning. It also covers different treatment strategies.

The Advanced course covers topics that are less common or more complex, for example Body Dysmorphic Disorder or PGAD, but also surgery issues. Managing clinical cases and working multidisciplinary is an important part of this course.

If I already attended the ESSM School why should I attend the ESSM Advanced course?

As you are gaining experience in working in sexual medicine you might want to extent your knowledge and skills. If this is true for you, you should attend the Advanced course. Especially if you want to learn more about difficult topics, managing complex cases and working multidisciplinary.

Is there more ‘hands-on’ training in the Advanced course then in the ESSM School?

Both the School and the Advanced course offer ‘hands-on’ training. However, the Advanced course focuses more on ‘hands-on’ training by offering interactive sessions, workshops, supervision sessions and lectures about managing clinical cases.

Will the lectures of the Advanced course be shared with the participants?

Yes, you will be able to download all the lectures through a secured environment on the ESSM website.

In which language will the Advanced course be given?


Does the Advanced course offer a social program?

Yes, it does. The social program is incorporated in the registration fee. It is an informal program to get to know each other. Attending the social program is optional, but warmly recommended and appreciated.

ESSM Exam and fellowships

Is the Advanced course a preparation for the FECSM/ECPS exam?

No, it is not. Also, the ESSM school is not a specific preparation for the exam although a lot of participants attend the ESSM school for this purpose. If you want to apply for the FECSM/ECPS exam following this course is not a requirement.

Preceding the exam, it is possible to attend a short preparation course the days before, check the dates and program at: https://www.essm.org/education-certifications/certifications/pre-courses/

When will the next FECSM/ECPS exam be?

Every two years the exam will be organized preceding the annual meeting. The precise date of the next exam can be found on the ESSM website: https://www.essm.org/meetings/sexual-medicine-calendar/

Does the Advanced course lead up to an advanced fellowship?

As for now there are no advanced fellowships.

When am I eligible for the FECSM/ECPS exam?

The following medical professionals are eligible for the FECSM exa

  • Registered medical specialist (having received a degree of specialty at least in the last 12 months), in their country of practice
  • Registered General Practitioners with more than 5 years' clinical experience of unsupervised independent practice

More information: www.mjcsm.org

The following psychology professionals are eligible for the ECPS exam

  • Psychology degree OR psychiatry degree OR MD degree with additional psychotherapy training WITH
  • Post graduate training in sexology (providing certificate) including relevant supervised experience of at least 2 years

More information: https://www.essm.org/education-certifications/certifications/efs-essm-certified-psycho-sexologist-ecps/

Applying and costs

How do I apply for the Advanced course?

You can apply for the Advanced course through this link: https://www.essm.org/education-certifications/essm-school-of-sexual-medicine/

When applying you need to upload a motivation letter, curriculum vitae, professional details and information.

The program directors will judge your application and decide if you are eligible. Possible judgements: denied, accepted, eligible for the ESSM School.

Registration will be on a first come – first serve base upon receiving full payment of the registration fee. Since the number of participants is limited early application is advisable.

Full refund will be provided if you will not be satisfied with the allocation to the basic/advanced course according to your request but not later than 5 days after the announcement of the allocation.

What are the costs for attending the Advanced course?

The registration fee for the complete program i

  • EUR 2.500,00 for ESSM members
  • EUR 2.800,00 for Non-members

This includes: tuition fees, meals and accommodation for the 10 days course.

Travel costs are not included.

ESSM members from low-income countries, or those who are experiencing financial hardship, may apply for special bursaries (application through the registration procedure), which can cover part of the registration fee.

Are there any scholarships to attend the ESSM School or the Advanced course?

Yes, there are. There are 10 ISSM scholarships this year, which will be divided between the ESSM School and the Advanced course. The ISSM scholarships do not cover travel costs. You can apply for an ISSM Scholarship through:https://professionals.issm.info/grants/issm-scholarships/

Further information

For further information, please e-mail the ESSM Secretariat: ESSMSchool2019@aimgroup.eu