Mission Statement and Educational Committee


Sexuality is presumably the most important element in our life by which one person is related to another. There is a body of evidence that medical professionals do not have adequate knowledge of sexuality, to serve their patients with sexual complaints in a professional way. Sexual dysfunction is a common problem which affects millions of men and their partners across all age groups. Sexual dysfunctions usually affect quality of life, self-image, confidence and mood and quite often result in partnership and other social problems. Until now the majority of patients with sexual problems suffers in silence without seeing a qualified specialist in sexual medicine, thus missing the chance for a better sexual life.

To treat patients with sexual problems adequately , physicians must not only have profound knowledge but also show a neutral and professional attitude towards sexual issues.

Physicians are expected to show a certain level of understanding and appreciation regarding the impact of psychological, medical and surgical conditions on sexual functions. The term ‘Sexual Medicine’ encompasses all domains of sexuality in both sexes and related educational and training initiatives are aiming at a better professional standard related to patient services in this field. The importance of sexuality in the medical domain is well established and related educational programs for physicians and students are the logical consequence of our common efforts for the benefit of all the million of sufferers.

Chairperson: Mikkel Fode, Denmark



Charmaine Borg, The Netherlands
Andrea Burri, Switzerland
Omer Onur Cakir, Turkey
Adrian Costin Calomfirescu, Romania
Natalio Cruz, Spain
Alessandra Fisher, Italy
Giulio Garaffa, UK
Ilan Gruenwald, Israel
Evie Kirana, Greece
Timo O. Nieder, Germany
Hartmut Porst, Germany
Gideon Sartorius, Swtizerland
Gabrijela Simetinger, Slovenia
Francesca Tripodi, Italy
Carla Veiga Rodrigues, Portugal
Michael Zitzmann, Germany