ESSM Academy for Genital Surgery

The ESSM Academy offers various training units for surgeons.

Our Mission

To confirm that surgeons master the novel operation techniques in genital surgery prior to performing them on their patients.

Our Aim

Increase quality of surgery and patient satisfaction by:

  • Standardization of training
  • Validation of training pathways and licensing
  • Creating safer surgery for our patients by reassuring that surgeons master the novel operation techniques prior to performing them on their patients
  • Improving knowledge, technical and communicative skills
  • Reduce cost by cheaper training and less operative complications


  • Gather all knowledge to improve surgery through improving training
  • Evidence based training: uniform and scientifically based multispecialty and multi-tool training
  • Standardization & dispersion throughout Europe: uniform training pathways
  • Validation and certification of the training and the assessment methods

ESSM Academy for genital surgery

Web-based knowledge gathering modality through e-learning book

Orsi Academy

A non-for-profit organization, which is a center of surgical innovation and expertise. Where industry, clinical and academic partners participate together on training, R&D and data analysis with the purpose of improving best practices in minimally invasive surgery.

The Multidisciplinary Joint Committee of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM)

  • The Multidisciplinary Joint Committee of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM) is working under the auspices of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). MJCSM’s objectives are to study, promote and harmonize the highest level of Sexual Medicine in Europe – both on the basic and postgraduate level. These objectives to be achieved by setting educational standards for training institutions and the maintenance of such standards, identifying minimal requirements for training and publish a European Curriculum, defining rules for accreditation of educational activities and offering a systematic assessment for the recognition of quality, both for the individual and training institutions.
  • Key-opinion leaders from all over the world who are known for their expertise and teaching abilities
  • Support from industry with material and unrestricted grants

The ESSM are developing a web-based knowledge gathering modality through e-learning book (under development) and video library with interactive e-learning modality for the most preformed genital surgeries. These interactive videos can be purchased and downloaded (ESSM members with reduced price).

  • In collaboration with ORSI Academy 3-D models are in development and cadaveric courses from basic to advanced will be announced soon.
  • Attitude can only be developed and assessed in real-life time through fellowships in different expertise Centers.

At the end of this process the candidate will be assessed through different and validated instruments by the MJCSM and will receive a recognition of quality certificate approved by the UEMS.

Each training modality will be validated by independent studies according to the available guidelines by recognized institutions.

Beside education and training in different courses the ESSM Academy is aiming to organize specific courses and accreditation for the operating room personnel and courses for train the trainer.