Centers/consortiums of Excellence

Fellowships are possible at these distinguished centers/consortium centers of excellence.

The Fellow will work in 3 locations in Belgium (30–45 minutes between them by car) with the surgeons Dr. Koenraad van Renterghem, Dr. Robert Andrianne, Dr. Maxime Sempels, and Dr. Maarten Albersen:

  1. Jessa Hospital, dept. of Urology, “Kliniek voor Urologie”
  2. CHU Liege, Dept. of Urology
  3. University Hospitals Leuven

The consortium centers combined perform over 500 prosthetic and andrological procedures per year and at University Hospital Leuven, penile cancer reconstructive procedures might be involved in the program.

The fellow will work in 4 locations in Madrid under the directors Dr Juan Ignacio Martinez-Salamanca, Dr Ignacio Moncada, Dr Enrique Lledo-Garcia:

  1. Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro (JIMS)
  2. Hospital Universitario La Zarzuela (IM)
  3. Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañon (ELG)
  4. Lyx Instituto de Urologia (JIMS)

The Fellow will work in 3 locations in Italy under the directors Dr. Carlo Bettocchi and Dr. Maurizio Carrino:

  1. Urology Unit, University Hospital of Foggia, Foggia,
  2. Polispecialistic Surgery Department,Antonio Cardarelli Hospital, Naples

The fellow will work under Professor Osmonov who is currently located in Lubeck, Germany.

VISITING THE BRITISH CENTER for a period of about 2 weeks will be offered to ALL FELLOWS

Under director Mr. David Ralph at University College London Hospitals which has the largest Andrology department in the world, there are 6 consultants, 6 fellows, junior staff and researchers. The department is a major referral centre for penile prostheses, Peyronie’s Disease, male infertility, priapism, phalloplasty and penile cancer. The fellows will receive a wide education in all of the above conditions and learn how to insert a penile prosthesis and deal with complications. The center currently inserts 300 implants per year.

Each applicant must enclose in their application a prioritized list of centers at which they wish to do their fellowship. Based on this, the ESSM will match each successful fellow to a center/consortium upon availability.