Meet the Faculty

ESSM School Program Directors

The following speakers were involved in the program of ESSM School of Sexual Medicine 2019 (in alphabetical order):

Mikkel Fode

Mikkel Fode (Denmark)

Heester Pastor

Hester Pastoor (The Netherlands)

Yacov Reisman

Yacov Reisman (The Netherlands)

Francesca Tripodi (Italy)

ESSM School Speakers


Carlo Bettocchi (Italy)

Johannes Bitzer

Johannes Bitzer (Switzerland)

Peer Briken (Germany)

Peer Briken (Germany)

Giovanni Corona

Giovanni Corona (Italy)

Woet Gianotten (The Netherlands)

Annamaria Giraldi

Annamaria Giraldi (Denmark)

Francois Giuliano

Francois Giuliano (France)

Evie Kirana

Evie Kirana (Greece)

Tillmann Krüger (Germany)

Lior Lowenstein

Lior Lowenstein (Israel)

Silva Neves

Silva Neves (UK)

Jim and rat square BW

James Pfaus (Czech Republic)

maria Lucia Pop_SW

Maria Lucia Pop (Denmark)

Hartmut Porst

Hartmut Porst (Germany)