ESSM Webinars

The ESSM Webinars will be provided in collaboration between the educational and scientific committees. In each webinar we will discuss highly relevant clinical scenarios within sexual medicine.

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Don´t miss the webinar from IBSA given by Giovanni Corona and Michel Lew-Starowicz on 15 April 2021 from 20:00–21:00 CET.

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Carlo Bettocchi

Carlo BettocchiESSM president
Professor of Urology and  Chief of Andrology and Male Genitalia Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, Policlinico Riuniti – University of Foggia, Italy

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Mikkel Fode

Mikkel FodeChair of the Educational Committee
Urologist, associate professor, University of Copenhagen, Department of Urology, Herlev and Gentofte Hospital

Giovanni Corona

Giovanni CoronaChair of the Scientific Committee
Endocrinologist, Endocrinology Unit, Medical Department, Azienda Usl di Bologna, Maggiore-Bellaria Hospital, Bologna, Italy

Yacov Reisman

Cobi Reisman – Past ESSM President
Urologists, Sexologists, Flare-Health, Amstelveen, Netherlands

Upcoming Webinar

IBSA Webinar:
News and future for ED treatment

April 15, 2021 | 20:00–21:00 CET

Speaker: Giovanni Corona and Michel Lew-Starowicz

The phodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5ì) are the well recognized first line therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.  Despite the high efficacy and the low incidence of adverse events, the dropout rate related to the current formulation of PDE5i is still very high ranging from 30 to 50% per year. New formulations of PDE5i have been developed during last few years. Among them, Oro-dispersible films (ODFs) provide a rapid onset of action, they could represent a valid alternative to the conventional formulations and may be preferred in term of compliance.

In addition, some innovative therapies such as the shockwave have been already introduced in the marked and some of them, including the use of stem cells or platelet-rich plasma are still under evaluation.

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Statements Webinars

e-Health and Sexual Health

14 May 2020
Evie Kirana

Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy in Sexual Medicine

20 May 2020
Paolo Capogrosso

Assessment and Hormonal Management in Adolescent and Adult Trans People

27 May 2020
Guy T´Sjoen, Joz Motmans, Timo Nieder, Mujde Ozer, Alessandra Fisher, Annelou de Vries

Sexual Desire Discrepancy

03 June 2020
Marieke Dewitte, Alexander Stulhofer

Hormonal Contraception and Female Sexuality

10 June 2020
Stephanie Both, Elisa Maseroli

Exploring Partner Expectations, Satisfaction in Male and Phalloplasty Cohorts, the Impact of Penile Lenght, Girth and Implant Type, Reservoir Placement, and the Influence of Comorbidities and Social Circumstances

16 June 2020
Daniar Osmonov, Carlo Bettocchi

The Use of the Cavernous Nerve Injury Model to Study Post Radical Prostatectomy ED

18 June 2020
Fabio Castiglione 

Laser and Radiofrequency-Based Devices for Female Genitourinary Indications

24 June 2020
Javier Romero-Otero, Lior Lowenstein 

Workshop Webinars

Sexual consequences of gynaecological surgery: pre and post counselling

October 21, 2020
Gabrijela Simetinger and Johannes Bitzer

Stimulating sexual pleasure and relationship cohesion in long term couples. Is it possible?

November 26, 2020
Charmaine Borg and Marieke Dewitte

Managing paraphilic disorders

December 10, 2020
Katerina Klapilova and Tillmann Kruger

Impact of BPH medical and surgical treatment in sexual health

January 18, 2021
Andrea Salonia and Javier Romero-Otero