– In order to improve the quality of female sexual function objective evaluation ESSM recently developed and launched EFUS to offer high-level “Female ultrasound courses” and “continuous ultrasound updating” channels.
– The EFUS courses include:
o An introductory theoretical part (“full immersion”) on methodology and normal and pathological pictures of female ultrasound topic
o A large practical part, which can be carried out according to learner specific requests. in dedicated ESSM training center
– The applicant center should be able to offer the “hands on training” opportunities which may last from one to three weeks or more, according to the specific request/application of the participant
– The applicant center will liaise directly with the participant organizing his/her training programme and will assist with all the logistics related to his/her stay

Requested Qualifications:
– Centre director should be an ESSM active member in good standing for at least 2 years
– Putative training centers should provide specific documentation supporting a proven clinical activity in the management of female sexual dysfunction
– Putative training centers should provide specific documentation supporting a proven clinical activity in female ultrasound sexual function evaluation.

– The center director should send a detailed CV, along with the required documentation and motivation letter to the ESSM Secretariat Office (

DEADLINE: Applications should be sent by email NO LATER THAN 23.59 (CET) of 12 March 2023 to the ESSM Secretariat Office (

NOTIFICATION: The Executive Committee will nominate the selected candidate and applicants will be notified by end March 2023

APPOINTMENT: the appointed applicant will take office from April 2023 for a five years’ time (end of April 2028)

ANNUAL FEE: ESSM will pay a fee which will depend on the duration of the stay of each trainee (1, 2 or 3 weeks). This will be subject to changes in accordance with the Executive Committee of the Society; this amount will include any VAT or taxes that apply in the country of the training center. ESSM will pay the fee at the end of each year, against receiving the relevant information from the center.

EFUS SCHOOL/ THEORETICAL PART: November 24-25,  2023
EFUS SCHOOL/ THEORETICAL PART: Marriot Courtyard Budapest City Center, Budapest , Hungary)