ESSM family support each other 

It’s okay to feel scared, it’s okay to feel sad, it’s okay to feel happy, it’s okay to feel angry, it’s okay to feel shocked, it’s okay not to know how you feel right now, it’s okay to feel confused, it’s okay to feel disgusted, it’s okay to feel mixed, it’s okay to feel. (Rachel Samson)

In these days of corona crisis, each one of us is confronted with difficulties. They could be professional or emotional. Our daily life and clinical routine changed tremendously and for many of us clinical practice as health care professional is different. Some of us are working from home while others are doing other work at the hospital. ESSM members are facing emotional issues, ethical issues and sometime even just need professional advice. Social distancing and isolation have its effects too and make the need for conversation even stronger.
ESSM board took the initiative to support the members of the ESSM family and to initiate this platform for the ESSM members.

Please find more information in the ESSM member area.