F1000 Poster Prizes

The ‚Faculty of 1000‘ has offered three best poster prizes during the 19th ESSM Congress 2017 in Nice for pre-clinical, male clinical and female clinical research.

The prizes will comprise of:

1. A year’s personal subscription to F1000Prime – “any award winner is clearly somebody who takes their research seriously and has excelled in their work. In order to harness this enthusiasm, we provide them with their own personal access to F1000Prime recommendations so that they can keep up to date with the top articles in the literature, and help in supplementing ongoing projects.”

2. A free submission to F1000Research – “we provide the winners with the opportunity to publish their work rapidly with no hassle, giving them quick priority on their work, and enabling everyone in the field to benefit from their work right away.”

3. A Faculty of 1000 certificate – “because it’s nice to have a hard copy of the achievement for the award winner’s record and curriculum vitae”.

F1000 is composed of 5,000 Faculty Members – senior scientists and leading experts in all areas of biology and medicine – plus their associates. The Faculty recommends
the most important articles, rating them and providing short explanations for their selections.

More info can be found at http://f1000.com/.