Mission Statement and Grants Committee

European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) is a registered charity (charity registration number 1109885) with the aim of the advancement and improvement of public awareness, education and research in the field of Sexual Medicine and the diffusion of knowledge of new and improved methods of teaching and practicing Sexual Medicine.

To further these aims ESSM supports scientists in the field of Sexual Medicine to advance the basic understanding of human sexual physiology and psychology, to translate fundamental research findings to clinical use, to develop and adopt new medicines, technologies and methods for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and for the improvement of human sexual health.

ESSM supports the scientists in the field of Sexual Medicine through research grants, travel fellowships, personal awards and studentships. Please follow the links on the right to have more information about our funding schemes.

ESSM Grants Committee

Javier Angulo Frutos, Spain

Hartwig Buettner, Germany    
Peter Sandner, Germany            
Michael Wyllie, UK