Greetings from YoSeMA

Carla Veiga Rodrigues
Family Practitioner Specialist
Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM)
Chair of the Young Sexual Medicine Academy (YoSeMA) from European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM)

Dear Young Sexual Health Clinician,

Tired being a lonely wolf in your field and totally in need of some doze of inspiration? We feel you. As you may already know, the Young Sexual Medicine Academy (YOSEMA) is the most recent addition to the ESSM family. We are a young and motivated group of health clinicians who work in the field of sexual medicine, as part of the ESSM. We aim to facilitate younger members’ engagement with the ESSM’s more senior experts, thus operating as a stepping stone for ESSM activities. YOSEMA also aims to raise awareness for sexual health, particularly among young healthcare professionals and students, providing tools for them to do so. We also recognize the difficulties of working within the sexual medicine field, like, isolation in the workplace, difficulty in finding multidisciplinary teams to work with, or lack of established connections to ensure continuing medical education.

Here at YOSEMA we empower each other, especially the younger subset of professionals, students, residents, healthcare workers, nurses, physicians, physiotherapists and psychologists. Membership is free for ESSM members and just a few clicks away here.

As the offer of ESSM activities keeps expanding and online educational features are in demand like never, we make it super easy for you and drop all that you need as a young professional: education, health promotion and networking – on social media in the form of a super cool YOSEMA journal club.

This is no traditional jornal club: YOSEMA Taskforce is working solidly together to present you the best digested sexual health research – so that you could enjoy the pleasure of reading the insights generated by peer young professionals and engage in the discussion.

When? How? Where?

In late 2019, we hope to bring the Club online for all YOSEMA members. Coursing over 4 weeks, each monthly module will contain several components and will be a platform for education, discussion, debate and networking. We are truly excited for its fruition! After its debut and smooth start, more content JUST for YOSEMA Members will be added.
Don’t get lost in the fast pace of the current world and join us for an efficient way of engaging with research and each other. Lonely super heroes are too much last year, join YOSEMA and be part of the change.