New Year Message from the President

C. Bettocchi,
ESSM President

Dear ESSM Family,
Dear Friends,

I hope this mail finds you well and healthy.

We have come to the end of 2020, that will be remembered by most of us as the annus horribilis of our generation! A lot has happened in the past months; we have all adjusted our lives to new formats, we got used to be surrounded by masks out of surgery rooms and we have learnt how to virtually get connected to our communities. The last ESSM Congress in Prague has been one of the last occasions we had to shake hands and hug each other … to fell the warmth of a physical contact.

Nevertheless, the ESSM has strongly reacted to the pandemic and in these difficult circumstances and despite all the restrictions, we have achieved a number of successful goals that I am proud to share with you:

WEBINARS (free for everyone and available on the Society website)

  • 8 Position Statements webinar through May and June, with 1.175 attendees
  • 3 workshop webinars October-December, with 420 attendees
  • 1 workshop webinar will take place on 18 January – SAVE THE DATE and register for free!
  • VIRTUAL EVENT: our congress 2021 in Rotterdam has been postponed to 2022, but we felt it was important to keep sharing science and we will hold a virtual event on 19-20 February – SAVE THE DATE and register for free (registration will open in 2021)
  • COVID Support email ( where you can submit and share your comments/concerns

The migration to Belgium of ESSM Charity and Bank has been almost completed and the ESSM is now officially registered in Brussels, in the heart of Europe!
We launched the ESCAP project (ESSM Scientific Collaboration and Partnership), aiming to connect the well-known sexual medicine experts from different sexual societies with young talented authors in order to create a fruitful group with the target of publishing at least 6 collaborative reviews or metanalysis in the top journals in the field of sexual medicine.
We are in the process of setting up the ESSM Surgical Academy, a very ambitious project that will be the must-attend educational program for surgeons in the field of sexual medicine. Details will most probably be available by the first months of 2021.
The milestone of our educational activities, the ESSM School and the Advanced Course were postponed as the format of the course does not allow to hold it virtually, interaction is mandatory here. The new dates are 20-29 August 2021 and registration is open!

I would like to thank all the members of the Executive Committee that this year, more than ever, have confirmed their commitment to our Society, working hard and making themselves available for the sake of the ESSM.
Last, but not least, thanks to all our members that keep on believing in the importance of supporting the ESSM, we are here for YOU and can’t wait to meet you all soon.

My best personal wishes for a great, surprising and Covid-free 2021.