Retrograde Ejaculation

I have the sensation of ejaculation, but there doesn't seem to be any fluid, why is this?

Retrograde ejaculation is the medical term for the condition described above. There are many reasons why you may fail to see any fluid (semen) after orgasm. If this happens, you may also have noticed when you first urinate after intercourse the urine appears cloudy. This is because the semen is being expelled from the  testicles, but instead of it being propelled by rhythmic contractions out of the urethra it is travelling backwards and into the bladder through the bladder neck. The most common reason for this is surgery to the prostate, or bladder neck. Many men who have undergone prostatectomy have experienced this. There are other reasons for this to happen and they include disruption of the nerve supply if there has been a spinal cord injury,  diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis and some prescription medications particularly tablets for blood pressure control. The sensation of orgasm and ejaculation may also be reduced. Treatment for this condition would only be considered if fertility was an issue.