Personal Word – ESSM President Giovanni Corona

Dear members

The 2023 has been a long year full of science, fun and fruitful activities and collaborations for our Society.

Rotterdam congress allowed returning to normal social activities after one of the darkest periods of our life, due to COVID-19 pandemic.  I cannot forget the smile on faces of all of you and the happiness of having the possibility to share again science and fun, breathing the magic atmosphere of our ESSM family. I really want to express my gratitude to Carlo, Cobi, Hester and Mikkel, all ESSM Board and MCI for their efforts to make it still available.

After Rotterdam congress our Educational and Exam Committees worked hardly to prepare and set-up a web-based ESSM pre-course and Exams. Both activities have obtained a great success with more than 100 participants worldwide. My sincere gratitude to Daniar, Cobi, Linda and all the speakers which have made these projects possible.

Our Educational activities have been continuing during all the year with several webinars on different topics which counted more than 1.000 registrations  worldwide. Again, my thanks to all the members of the Educational Committee and all the speakers for another great successes of our Society.

The Surgical Academy represents a leading and Unique project of our Society. This year we run the second edition with more than 60 attendees from different European Countries. We are now selecting the candidates for the fellowship training activities.  My recognition to Koen and to all the speakers for this success. In 2024 a new edition will be available.

This year we launched a new educational project, the EFUS (ESSM Female Ultrasound School) specifically dedicated to the use of ultrasound for the study of female sexual dysfunctions. I am honoured to announce that EFUS received the support of our mother society, ISSM, with the Zorgnotti Grant contribution. The first edition of the project was held in Budapest at the end of November and all the applicants are now moving to the training/practical part of the project in the accredited centres. My thanks to Elisa, the Chair of the project, and all the team and the speakers, for the amazing work done.

A new Edition of the ESSM School and Advanced Course has been done in Budapest with the same success and high scientific levels of the previous years. My sincere gratitude to all the speakers and to Cobi, Francesca and Hester for their devotion and efforts for our Society.

Social media and communications represent crucial activities of our Society. Our numbers on socials are increasing every year as the result of the amazing work done by social media team, MCI and Sam. Then I cannot forget Arik for his great job in preparing the ESSM newsletters.

YoSeMa ( and our young student fellows and residents are the future of our Society. Thank to  Alberto for his efforts in improving this great project.

Bari congress in approaching, the ESSM Board along with the Scientific Chair, Mikkel, and the Scientific committee have done an amazing work and the preliminary program is now available online ( I am sure that our host, past President, Carlo is preparing a memorable event.

Despite several successes that our ESSM family had in this year, I cannot forget that several members of our Society and their loved ones are still suffering from unbearable conflicts and violence that have been observed during the last months. SEXUAL HEALTH RIGHTS ARE PART OF HUMAN RIGHTS! ESSM strongly condemns cruelty, aggression, and brutality, particularly to undefended people and women.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope for a new year characterized by the end of violent conflicts and wishing for you and your family peace, success and serenity.

Last but not least I cannot forget to thank Dani, AIM, Silke and MCI for all the support and the work routinely provided for our Society as well as Marieke, Lior and all the ESSM Board members for their help and crucial contribution for the success of our Society.

Sincerely yours,
ESSM President Giovanni Corona