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Recent Issue: ESSM Today # 42

January 2020

  • ESSM becomes of age: a look to the Past, Present and Future of our Society
    The origin: D. Hatzichristou
    From the Past to the Present: C. Reisman
    The future: C. Bettocchi
  • New ways to deliver knowledge. What’s new in the ESSM annual congress.
    G. Corona, C. Reisman
  • Low intensity shock wave therapy in sexual medicine – clinical recommendations from the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM)
    P. Capogrosso, A. Frey, C. F. S. Jensen, G. Rastrelli, G. I. Russo, J. Torremade
  • Greetings from YoSeMA
    C. Veiga
  • Hormonal Contraception and Female Sexuality – clinical recommendations from the European Society of Sexual Medicine (ESSM)
    E. Maseroli, L. Vignozzi et al.
  • Recognition and training for specialists in sexualmedicine and sexology,
    still a critical issue: ESSM contributions to this developing matter
    F. Tripodi, E. Kirana, M. Fode, Y. Reisman
  • Interview with Pedro Nobre
    F. Nimbi
  • Have you read? Best of the best: clinical research
    B. J. Pereira
  • Have you read? Best of the best: basic research
    N. Louro
  • Meetings & Events Calendar
    R. Larocca

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