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Recent Issue: ESSM Today # 43

August 2020

  • Welcome address
    C. Bettocchi, F. Fusco
  • Sexual relationships during the lockdown: Adjusting sexual counselling and therapy to the restriction of quarantine
    E. Kirana, F. Tripodi
  • COVID19 patients. Sexual function before and after Covid19 infection. A witness by those who survived
    L. Spirito, G. Celentano
  • Changes in Education in Sexual Medicine accelerated by Covid-19
    M. Fode
  • ESSM position statements of penile prosthesis.
    D. Osmonov et. Al.
  • Collagenase is no longer available. What now?
    J. Romero Otero, B. Garcìa
  • Robotic Surgery and Sexual medicine: too distant worlds? An interview with Daniar Osmonov
    Mrs. Kaltz, D. Osmonov
  • Have you read? Best of the Best. Basic Science.
    N. Louro
  • Have you read? Best of the Best. Clinical Research.
    B. J. Pereira
  • Meetings calendar
    D. Lee

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