As you may already know, a novel society has been recently founded with the name of “Androgen Society”. You may have been already contacted by the founders of this society to become members or to take part of the forthcoming congress in Lisbon.

Research Grants

Supporting ESSM Members through yearly research Grants with a maximum duration of 18 months.

Travel Grants

Travel grants are intended to support basic scientists wishing to attend the ESSM Annual Congresses.


ESSM presents several well acknowledged awards during the annual meeting.

My Sexual Health

Your comprehensive and scientific resource on disorders relating to women’s sexual desire and arousal and their treatments.

ESSM supports scientists in the field of Sexual Medicine to translate fundamental research findings to clinical use, to develop and adopt new medicines, technologies and methods for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and for the improvement of human sexual health. ESSM supports the scientists in the field of Sexual Medicine through research grants, travel fellowships, personal awards and studentships.