ESSM presents several well acknowledged awards during the annual meeting.

The ESSM Prestige Awards (ESSM Career Awards and ESSM Award of Excellence) and the ESSM Best Presentation Awards in several categories.

ESSM Career Award

This award will be presented to a senior scientist who has made an outstanding contribution in the field. The Executive and Scientific Committees will decide the award winner, and the award winner will be presented during the Opening Ceremony of the annual meeting.

ESSM Award of Excellence

Every year ESSM awards the most talented European researcher with the prestigious ESSM Award of Excellence. This award is presented annually to a physician or scientist under the age of 40 years (either in basic sciences or clinical practice) who has made recent exceptional achievement in the field.

30 Sep 2020

Deadline for applications

Oct–Nov 2020

Decision and notification

19–20 Feb 2021

Announcement at the ESSM Virtual meeting

17–19 Feb 2022

Presentation of a state-of-the-art lecture at the ESSM Congress in Rotterdam

Who can apply?

  • Applicants should be below the age of 40 years at the application deadline
  • Applicants should have an excellent scientific curriculum vitae devoted to Sexual Medicine
  • Applicants should have an H-index > 10 as assessed by public Google scholar registration
  • Applicants should be an ESSM member for at least 2 years prior to the application

How to apply

Applications should consist of:

  • A curriculum vitae in Europass Format
  •  List personal all peer view publications along with the indication of overall H-index, overall total Impact Factor and mean Impact factor
  • List of the best selected 10 publications (along with PDF) dealing with the field of Sexual Medicine
  • A letter of motivation from the candidate specifying his or her contributions to the field Sexual Medicine
  • A letter of recommendation from an ESSM member.

Applications can be sent to our secretarial office (

Notes on applying for ESSM Award of Excellence

The candidates are invited to submit a curriculum vitae as much complete and detailed as possible. In this context, it is necessary that the curriculum vitae details the total number of publications in peer reviewed and indexed journals with impact factors. Furthermore, publications and works pertaining to sexual medicine should be highlighted.


All the applications will be evaluated and scored according to the value here under by the President, the Chair of the scientific committee, and the Chair of the grant committee considering the following score criteria and will be approved upon executive committee decision.

1. H-index score (5-20)

H-index score
<15 5
16-20 10
21-25 15
>25 20

2. Selected 10 papers

Score 1-10

3. Contribution to the sexual medicine field and the ESSM activities

This should be derived taking in account the contribution to the sexual medicine field (scientific production) and to ESSM activities.

Score 1-10

Total score from 7 to 40 for each of the auditor = (3 auditors) from 21 to 120

Best Presentation Awards

These awards are presented during the annual meeting, categorized within the oral presentations in these topics:

  • Prize for the best presentation on psychosexual, gender and sexology
  • Prize for the best presentation on FSD (clinical)
  • Prize for the best presentation on MSD (clinical)
  • Prize for the best male and female reconstructive surgery

Congratulations to the Awardees

Awardees 2021

  • Career Award 2021
    François Giuliano, France
  • Award of Excellence 2021
    Mikkel Fode, Denmark

Awardees 2020

  • Career Award 2020
    Mario Maggi, Italy
  • Award of Excellence 2020
    Marieke Dewitte, The Netherlands

Awardees 2019

  • Career Award 2019
    Hartmut Porst, Germany
  • Award of Excellence 2019
    Maarten Albersen, Belgium
  • Psychosexual, gender and sexology
    Štrukelj, E.; Giger, J.-C.
    The association between internalised homophobia and internalization of traditional gender roles
  • FSD – Clinical
    Handy A.; Meston, C.
    Correlations among physiological lubrication and self-reported sexual arousal in women with and without sexual dysfunction
  • MSD – Clinical
    Mykoniatis, I.; Memmos, D.; Kalyvianakis, D.; Kapoteli, P.; Hatzichristou, D.
    Low-intensity shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction: 6 months follow-up results of a randomized clinical trial assessing the impact of energy flux density and frequency of sessions
  • Basic and translational research
    Milenkovic, U.; Ilg, N.; Zuccato, C.; Ramazani, Y.; De Ridder, D.; Albersen, M.
    Transcriptome-wide analysis of Peyronie’s disease plaques using RNA sequencing uncovers targetable signaling pathways for medical therapy
  • Male and female reconstructive surgery
    Falcone, M.; Anfosso, M.; Gontero, P.; Christopher N.; Ralph, D.; Ralph, O.
    Total phallic reconstruction in the genetic male: A single centre analysis
  • Basic research
    Ückert, S.; Rahardjo, H.; Bannowsky, A.; Tsikas, D.; Kuczyk, M.
    Expression of genes encoding for endopeptidase enzymes (EnPEs) and peptide binding receptors in the human vagina: Comparison to penile erectile tissue
    Vignozzi, L.; Maseroli, E.; Corno, C.; Comeglio, P.; Cellai, I.; Filippi, S.; Mello, T.; Galli, A.; Facchiano, E.; Lucchese, M.; Maggi, M.
    The effects of testosterone treatment on fat tissue dysfunction and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in obese men undergoing bariatric surgery
    Tavares, I.; Nobre, P.; Rosen, N.
    Why positive sexual experiences matter: Sexual health is associated with lower postpartum stress in primiparous couples
  • Biopsychosocial
    Kerckhof, M.; Kreukels, B.; Nieder, T.; Becker, I.; van de Grift, T.; Heylens, G.; Elaut, E.
    The relation between sexual dysfunction and sexual pleasure in transgender individuals: Results from the ENIGI follow-up study

Awardees 2018

  • Career Award 2018
    Johannes Bitzer, Switzerland
  • Award of Excellence 2018
    Ege Can Serefoglu, Turkey
  • Pre-clinical
    Weyne, E.; Hannan, J.L.; Matsui, H.; Sopko, N.; De Ridder, D.; Bivalacqua, T.J.; Van der Aa, F.; Albersen, M.:
    “Galanin mediates endogenous nitrergic nerve outgrowth in vitro and partially restores erectile function after cavernous nerve injury in vivo”
  • Clinical-male sexual dysfunction
    Rastrelli, G; Cipriani, S; Lotti, F; Cellai, I; Comeglio, P; Boddi, V; Della Camera, P; Palma, M; Gacci, M; Serni, S; Maggi, M; Vignozzi, L:
    “Testosterone replacement therapy is able to reduce prostate inflammation in men with BPH, metabolic syndrome and hypogonadism: preliminary results from a randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial”
  • Clinical-female sexual dysfunction
    Tuiten, A.; van Rooij, K.; Bloemers, J.; Eisenegger, C.; van Honk, J.; Kessels, R.; Kingsberg, S.; Derogatis, L.R.; de Heede, L.; Gerritsen, J.; Koppeschaar, H.P.F.; Olivier, B.; Everaerd, W.; Frijlink, H.W.; Höhle, D.:
    “Efficacy and safety of on-demand use of two treatments designed for different aetiologies of female sexual interest/arousal disorder: three randomized clinical trials”
  • Psychosexual, Gender and Sexology
    T’Sjoen, G.; Bouman, W.P.; Brewin, N.; Arcelus, J.:
    “Is gender affirming hormonal therapy linked to aggression in transgender people?”
  • Surgery Video
    Skrodzka, M.; Ayers, J.; Rea, A.; Britnell, W.; Hadway, P.; Muneer, A.; Malone, P.R.:
    “How to do a circumcision, when the foreskin is welded to the glans. The ROLOCS (Restoration Of the Lost Obscured Coronal Sulcus) procedure”
  • Pre-clinical
    Comerma-Steffensen, S.; Munro, G.; Olesen, C.; Peters, D.; Simonsen, U.:
    “Functional effects of the monoamine reuptake inhibitor, IPED2015 in both cerebral and erectile tissue in vitro”
  • Clinical-male sexual dysfunction
    Jeh, SU; Yoon, S; Do, J; Seo, DH; Lee, SW; Choi, SM; Lee, C; Kam, SC; Hwa, JS; Chung, KH; Hyun, JS:
    “Metabolic syndrome is an independent risk factor for acquired premature ejaculation”
  • Clinical-female sexual dysfunction
    Gaudet, D; Clohosey , DG; Hannan, JL; Goldstein, SW; Szell, N; Komisarek, BR; Harvey, MA; Johnston, S; Kawaja, MD; Ghasmlou, N; MacKenzie, L; Goldstein, I; Adams, MA:
    “Midurethral sling placement disrupts periurethral neurovascular and glandular structures near anterior vaginal wall: Potential role in female sexual dysfunction”
  • Psychology-psychosocial
    Gimeno, E; Bárcenas, I; Serrano, E; Villena, A; Trigo, E; Carriles, S; López, C; Normand, E; Garzonio, A; Chiclana, C:
    “Facing the transition changes in the puerperium: Couples experience”
  • Pre-clinical
    Villegas, G; Tar, M; Baker, L; Sharp, D; Davies, K:
    “Neuropraxia following nerve sparing radical prostatectomy is associated with increased expression of markers of inflammation and Fidgetin-2 like protein”
  • Clinical-male sexual dysfunction
    Kneer, J; Engel, J; Veit, M; Ponseti, J; Walter, M; Beier, KM; Walter, H; Schiffer, B; Schiltz, K; Krueger, THC:
    “Neural mechanisms underlying paedophilia and sexual offending against children – first results of a multicentre study”
  • Clinical-female sexual dysfunction
    Pascoal, PM; Rosa, PJ; Coelho, S.:
    “The association of body dissatisfaction with sexual distress in pregnant and non-pregnant women: testing a mediation model”

Awardees 2017

  • Career Award 2017
    Alan Riley, United Kingdom
  • Award of Excellence 2017
    Patrick Jern, Finland
  • Psychosexual, gender and sexology
    Richard De Visser, United Kingdom: Sexual difficulties: Prevalence, impact, and help-seeking in a population-representative sample
  • FSD – Clinical
    Elisa Maseroli, Italy: Cardiometabolic risk and female sexuality: Focus on clitoral vascular resistance
  • MSD- Preclinical
    Marcus Ilg, United Kingdom: Further validation of phenotypic high-throughput, cell-based assay for anti-myofibroblast activity in peyronie’s disease
  • MSD- Clinical
    Athanasios Zachariou, Greece: The impact of mirabegron on erectile function of males with overactive bladder
  • Surgery Video
    Marco Capece, United Kingdom: Simultaneous ventral tunical grafting and three pieces inflatable penile prosthesis impantation
  • Female Clinical / HP-07-003
    Chantelle Otten, Australia: Sexual Functioning and Menstrual Pattern Migraine: Pilot Study on Effects of Hormonal Interventions During Menopause Transition
  • Male Clinical / HP-03-005
    Walter Cazzaniga, Italy: Development of a risk stratification tool to predict the presence of hypogonadism in men with sexual dysfunction
  • Basic Science Poster / HP-01-006
    Linda Vignozzi, Italy:  The dual FXR/TGR5 agonist INT-767 counteracts nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and erectile dysfunction in a rabbit model of high fat diet-induced metabolic syndrome
  • Surgery Video / VS-01-006
    Christopher Nim, United Kingdom: Epididymovasostomy surgery
  • Female Clinical / P-02-015
    Caroline Vos, The Netherlands: Sexuality and ovarian cancer. Patient – and partner experience
  • Male Clinical / HP-03-003
    Nikolaos Ioakeimidis, Greece:  Relationship between testosterone deficiency and organ damage in hypertensive males
  • Basic Science / HP-01-002
    Javier Angulo, Spain: Selective down-regulation of nitrergic innervation in cavernosal tissue from patients with ED secondary to radical prostatectomy