Funded Projects

We present you the winners of the research grants.

Previous Research Grant Winners

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2022-2023 Research Grants

  • Armin Soave (Germany)
    A Randomized Feasibility Study on the Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Sex Therapy as an Adjunct Short-Term Intervention for Men with Peyronie’s Disease

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2021-2022 Research Grants

  • Patricia Pascoal (Portugal)
    Transdiagnostic factors and sexual distress: a preliminary study with a clinical sample

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2020-2021 Research Grants

  • Uwe Hartmann (Germany)
    Neurobiological and Clinical Factors in Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder: Towards a Better Understanding of a Severe Diseas

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2019-2020 Research Grants

  • Selim Cellek (United Kingdom)
    The role of exosomes in Peyronie’s disease
  • Alessandra D. Fisher (Italy)
    Clinical impact of Androgen receptor (CAG)n polymorphism on gender-affirming hormonal treatment in transmen
  • Juan I. Matínez-Salamanca (Spain) 
    Evaluation of the antifibrotic activity of nanoparticle encapsulated collagenase injected in plaques excised from Peyronie’s disease patients and analysis of local and systemic determinants of collagenase efficacy

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2018-2019 Research Grants

  • Marieke Dewitte (The Netherlands)
    A dyadic perspective on the treatment of erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer: Restoring penetration versus sexual intimacy
  • Dimitrios Hatzichristou (Greece)
    The effect of platelet-rich plasma injection treatment on erectile function: a triple-blind, placebo controlled randomized clinical trial
  • Klaus M. Beier (Germany)
    The development of an IAT to measure implicit theories in males associated with sexual aggression towards females

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2017-2018 Research Grants

  • Andrea Burri (Germany)
    Sexual Functioning and Orgasm Ability in Women with Dupuytren’s disease
  • Javier Angulo Frutos (Spain)
    STIM/Orai inhibition as a strategy to facilitate relaxation of human corpus cavernosum and penile arteries and to relief ED in diabetic rats
  • Maarten Albersen (Belgium)
    Revealing novel therapeutic targets for PD using RNA sequencing
  • Guy T’Sjoen (Belgium)
    Psycho-endocrinology: Does gender-affirming hormonal therapy affect psychological status and sexual desire in trans persons?

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2016-2017 Research Grants

  • Marcus Ilg (United Kingdom):
    A novel combination for treatment of Peyronie’s disease
  • Michal Lew-Starowicz (Poland):
    Clinical efficacy and brain response to pharmacological treatment of compulsive sexual behaviour/ hypersexual disorder
  • Mark-Bram Bouman (The Netherlands):
    Development of patient decision aid for gender confirming surgery in female-to-male transgender individuals
  • Alessandra D. Fisher (Italy):
    Neurobiological correlates of Gender Dysphoria: A longitudinal study

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2015-2016 Research Grants

  • Uwe Hartmann (Germany):
    Sex addiction in men: Clinical characterisation and alterations of brain structure and function (Sex@Brain-Study)
  • Sarah Wahlin-Jacobsen (Denmark):
    Androgen receptor polymorphism and women’s sexual function
  • Petr Weiss (Czech Republic):
    The study of sexual variation: physiological and neural correlates during experimental exposure to erotic stimuli

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2014-2015 Research Grants

  • Emmanuel Weyne (Belgium):
    The endogenous role and therapeutic modulation of the Neurotrophin Galanin in cavernous nerve injury
  • Marta Mateus (UK):
    Discovery of novel therapeutics for Peyronie’s disease
  • Marcel Waldinger (The Netherlands):
    Prospective observational study for the identification of immunological biomarkers and potential targets for treatment of post orgasmic illness syndrome
  • Fabio Castiglione (Belgium):
    Penile rehabilitation therapy: The fall of a myth. It is time to change paradigms!
  • Markus Margreiter (Austria):
    Impact of sexual counselling and pelvic floor training on sexual health and continence in rectal cancer patients – an open-prospective randomized interventional case-controlled study