Funded Projects

We present you the winners of the research grants.

Previous Research Grant Winners

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2018-2019 Research Grants

  • Marieke Dewitte (The Netherlands)
    A dyadic perspective on the treatment of erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer: Restoring penetration versus sexual intimacy
  • Dimitrios Hatzichristou (Greece)
    The effect of platelet-rich plasma injection treatment on erectile function: a triple-blind, placebo controlled randomized clinical trial
  • Klaus M. Beier (Germany)
    The development of an IAT to measure implicit theories in males associated with sexual aggression towards females

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2017-2018 Research Grants

  • Andrea Burri (Germany)
    Sexual Functioning and Orgasm Ability in Women with Dupuytren’s disease
  • Javier Angulo Frutos (Spain)
    STIM/Orai inhibition as a strategy to facilitate relaxation of human corpus cavernosum and penile arteries and to relief ED in diabetic rats
  • Maarten Albersen (Belgium)
    Revealing novel therapeutic targets for PD using RNA sequencing
  • Guy T’Sjoen (Belgium)
    Psycho-endocrinology: Does gender-affirming hormonal therapy affect psychological status and sexual desire in trans persons?

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2016-2017 Research Grants

  • Marcus Ilg (United Kingdom):
    A novel combination for treatment of Peyronie’s disease
  • Michal Lew-Starowicz (Poland):
    Clinical efficacy and brain response to pharmacological treatment of compulsive sexual behaviour/ hypersexual disorder
  • Mark-Bram Bouman (The Netherlands):
    Development of patient decision aid for gender confirming surgery in female-to-male transgender individuals
  • Alessandra D. Fisher (Italy):
    Neurobiological correlates of Gender Dysphoria: A longitudinal study

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2015-2016 Research Grants

  • Uwe Hartmann (Germany):
    Sex addiction in men: Clinical characterisation and alterations of brain structure and function (Sex@Brain-Study)
  • Sarah Wahlin-Jacobsen (Denmark):
    Androgen receptor polymorphism and women’s sexual function
  • Petr Weiss (Czech Republic):
    The study of sexual variation: physiological and neural correlates during experimental exposure to erotic stimuli

ESSM is proud to announce the winners of 2014-2015 Research Grants

  • Emmanuel Weyne (Belgium):
    The endogenous role and therapeutic modulation of the Neurotrophin Galanin in cavernous nerve injury
  • Marta Mateus (UK):
    Discovery of novel therapeutics for Peyronie’s disease
  • Marcel Waldinger (The Netherlands):
    Prospective observational study for the identification of immunological biomarkers and potential targets for treatment of post orgasmic illness syndrome
  • Fabio Castiglione (Belgium):
    Penile rehabilitation therapy: The fall of a myth. It is time to change paradigms!
  • Markus Margreiter (Austria):
    Impact of sexual counselling and pelvic floor training on sexual health and continence in rectal cancer patients – an open-prospective randomized interventional case-controlled study