YoSeMA Chair

Recently, the ESSM launched the YoSeMa (Young Sexual Medicine Academy) committee to involve young health-care professionals in the field of Sexual Medicine. YoSeMa aims to promote Sexual Medicine among young clinicians from various disciplines in order to increase knowledge and skills, to connect residents and young scientists with established specialists, and to define the needs of early-career Sexual Medicine specialists and sexologists.

According to the ESSM bylaws, the chair of the committee will be appointed by the executive committee for a period of 3 years.

Are YOU interested in being a part of the future of Sexual Medicine? If so, apply to be the chair of our YoSeMA committee.

Candidates should be ESSM members. Age less than 40 years or in possession of FECSM or ECPS qualification for less than 5 years and leadership and administrative experience are preferable.

Please provide your motivation letter and CV to our secretariat (admin@essm.org) before 1st of September 2018. All applications will be handled in confidence.

ESSM Social Media editor

Recently, the executive committee of the ESSM decided to appoint an ESSM social media editor.

The editor will be appointed for a period of 3 years and will need to build a social media action plan. The editor will be responsible for the implementation of all ESSM social media activities.

Suitable candidates are requested to apply before 1st of September 2018 by sending a motivation letter and CV to the ESSM secretariat (admin@essm.org). ESSM membership and knowledge of modern social media applications are mandatory.