Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) – Hosting Requirements 2022

1. General

The European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) is a not-for-profit, multidisciplinary, academic and scientific organization dedicated to male and female sexual function and dysfunction.

In 1994 in Singapore, during the ISIR (now ISSM) Annual Congress, the ESIR (European Society for Impotence Research) idea was born as the European development of the International Society for Impotence Research.

In 1995 ESSIR was born and the first Congress was held in Porto Carras, Greece. Our journey began into medical knowledge, research and innovation across Europe.

In 1997 the second Congress was held in Madrid. The third Congress was held in Barcelona in 2000, after the tremendous earthquake that hit Turkey in 1999, where the Congress should have been held.

In 2001 the name of the Society changed into ESSIR (European Society for Sexual and Impotence Research) in order to embrace more deeply the broad field of sexual medicine, both male and female.

This brought also to the need of our congress to be held each year, so in 2001 the Congress was held in Rome and the year after, in 2002, in Hamburg. Starting from 2001 the Society continued its development, changing again its name into the actual ESSM (European Society for Sexual Medicine) in 2003, characterizing once again its need to improve and spread the research into sexual medicine, a field which is continuously developing across the world, bringing sexual awareness to light more and more not only in the medical field but also among people.

The year 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of ESSM, a society which is always stronger and more deeply rooted across Europe, with 27 National Societies affiliated to ESSM and more than 1.700 members. The Society continues to grow, with even more members and affiliated National Societies.

2. Congress Information and History

The Congress has been held annually end of November/beginning of December until 2012; starting from 2014 it is scheduled at the beginning of the year (end of January/beginning of February)

Congress history and future congresses:

  • 2001 Rome (Italy)
  • 2002 Hamburg (Germany)
  • 2003 Istanbul (Turkey)
  • 2004 London (UK)
  • 2005 Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • 2006 Vienna (Austria)
  • 2007 Lisbon (Portugal)
  • 2008 Brussels (Belgium, Joint ISSM ESSM Congress)
  • 2009 Lyon (France)
  • 2010 Malaga (Spain)
  • 2011 Milan (Italy)
  • 2012 Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • 2014 Istanbul (Turkey)
  • 2015 Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • 2016 Madrid (Spain)
  • 2017 Nice (France)
  • 2018 Lisbon (Portugal, Joint ISSM ESSM Congress)
  • 2019 Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  • 2020 Prague (Czech Republic)
  • 2021 Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

End of January / Beginning of February 2022

The congress officially opens on a Thursday morning and closing on a Saturday in the evening.

The congress usually attracts approx. 1.000 delegates.

3. Congress Requirements, Availability and Prices

Congress Venue
To evaluate candidate city, we need to receive two options:

  • Congress Venue (Convention center) plus different hotels for accommodation
  • Congress Hotel (Convention center+meeting rooms+hotel rooms in the same place)

Following space will have to be allocated at the congress/hotel venue. Do not submit a proposal unless all space is available on a first-option basis:

  • 1 Auditorium for max. 600 delegates
  • 1 Auditorium for max. 300 delegates
  • 2 smaller meeting rooms for 120 delegates
  • 1 Congress Office
  • 1 Association Office
  • 1 Registration Counter
  • 350 m² exhibition space net for exhibition plus additional space for the poster exhibition with approx. 250 posters equal to 125 poster walls and the catering (coffee breaks)

The auditoria needs to be sound proofed.

Exhibition requirements
Please note, that the exhibition area shall be located close to the meeting rooms to make it easy for participants to visit the exhibition and to offer attractive exhibition space to the industry.

The poster exhibition shall be placed within/near the exhibition area and the catering if possible within the exhibition to attract more visitors and to increase the communication.

The catering shall be coffee and tea in the morning and afternoon on 2 different stations.

Time schedule for the exhibition:
Tuesday and Wednesday
Set-up of exhibition, each day 08:00 – 20:00

Thursday to Saturday
Exhibition days, each day as full day

Dismantling between 18:00 – 24:00

Please indicate all prices by using the attached spread sheet.

Audiovisual Requirements in the meeting rooms:
Each lecture hall needs to be equipped with basic technical equipment:

  • Podium (on small stage, if applicable) with 1 table and 2 chairs (exception: Auditorium: 2 tables, 4 chairs)
  • 1 lectern with fixed microphone and 1 tie clip or similar
  • 1 screen
  • 1 data projector according to the room size
  • 1 table microphone per podium table
  • 1 wireless microphones (2 in Auditorium)
  • adequate number of aisle microphones
  • Laser pointer

Please quote the costs for technicians (sound, light, video/data projection) in lecture halls and technical equipment if not already included. Please use the attached spreadsheet to indicate all costs by room, by item and by day.

IT / Telecommunication
Please quote

  • Wireless LAN for 600 concurrent users
  • V-LAN / In-house network
  • Phone lines
  • Internet connections

Mandatory Costs / Staff (if applicable)
Please quote additional costs that need to be considered, such as

  • Electricity/power supplies
  • Waste disposal
  • Mandatory cleaning staff (listed per day and person)
  • Mandatory security staff
  • Mandatory first aid staff (listed by day and person).
  • Staff for various other positions, if applicable/necessary
  • Others

Catering Requirement
Please provide an offer based on the following requirements:

  • Coffee break: only coffee and tea, no water or biscuits
  • Networking reception: finger food, wine, softs, water for 1,5 hours
  • Light lunches: such as sandwiches or snacks, fruit and water

Social Events
There are three major social events during the congress:

  1. Opening ceremony for approx. 500 participants and a networking reception for approx. 500 participants afterwards at the congress centre
  2. Presidential dinner on Friday evening for approx. 130 guests – preferable outside the congress venue

The space for the opening ceremony and networking reception shall be blocked at the congress/hotel venue. During the bid procedure no pre-bookings etc. need to be made for the presidential dinner, however, you may include suggestions of possible locations.

4. Hotels

Please provide a hotel room capacity of approximately 1.000 hotels rooms with the following allocation:

60 % of the rooms in 4-star hotels
25 % of the rooms in 3-star hotels
15 % of the rooms in deluxe / 5-star hotels

Please state the average price for a single room in each category with the indication whether breakfast is included.

Also indicate the distance to the congress/hotel venue either by walking or public transportation.

Please make use of the attached spreadsheet to provide all requested information.

5. Planning Process / Bidding Procedures

5.1 Only Societies formally affiliated to ESSM may host the Annual Scientific Congress

5.2 The host Society shall be approved by the Annual Business Meeting at least two years in advance of the scheduled Congress

5.3 Potential applicants are strongly advised to seek the advice and the assistance of the President and EC, and of the Society's professional congress organiser before making an application

5.4 The call for bids is on the ESSM website

5.5 Applications should be received latest by 30 September 2019.

5.6 Only applications with an existing congress/hotel venue can be accepted.

5.7 Applicants are strongly advised to present the content of the bid book as required in item no. 5 of this document.
Applications shall be sent electronically and also by mail with one copy each to the ESSM secretariat and to our core professional congress organiser at below addresses. Only ESSM national affiliated societies in good standing (who also have paid their membership fees) are eligible to apply to:

ESSM Secretariat
European Society for Sexual Medicine - Daniela Pajola
Via Ripamonti 129
20141 Milan | Italy
Phone: +39 – 02 – 56601 625

Core professional congress organiser
MCI Germany GmbH
Markgrafenstrasse 56, 10110 Berlin
Telephone: +49 30 204590

The receipt will be acknowledged in writing.

The choice of venues will be made, amongst others, based upon the following selection criteria:

  • Suitability of meeting rooms
  • Good accessibility of the city and the congress/hotel venue
  • Availability of hotels within walking distance and no more than 30 minutes distance by public transportation
  • Cost aspects, i.e. competitive and feasible prices compared to previous ESSM Congresses with a the same price level compared to previous ESSM congresses

5.8 Any requests from ESSM or our core professional congress organiser to the applicant for additional information will be made within 28 days of receipt of the application.

5.9 If it is clear from the initial application that the criteria in the technical and logistical specification cannot be met, the applicant will be informed by one month after respective deadline (please see § 5.5)

5.10 If the initial application is satisfactory, a representative of ESSM and our core professional congress organiser will communicate with the applicant or their representative and review their application in detail; this may involve a site visit to the proposed venues.

5.11 If, subsequent to this meeting, an application does not meet our technical specification, the applicant will be informed as soon as possible and no later than 30 November 2019.

5.12 If the applicant is dissatisfied with a decision made regarding their application, they will have the right of appeal to the full Executive Committee; an appeal should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than 31 December 2019. The appeal will be considered and decided within fourteen days, and a written response will be provided to the applicant; in this case, the decision of the Executive Committee will be final.

5.13 There is the opportunity for national affiliated societies to influence policy on the selection of Congress venues through their EC representative, the Chairman of the NAS Advisory Board; this is currently Dr. Mikkel Fode; individual members may influence policy

5.14 The ESSM board makes a pre-selection of the bidding cities according to the above mentioned criteria.

5.15 The selected applicants will receive an invitation to present their bids to the ESSM General Assembly which is held during the annual ESSM congress. All ESSM members are allowed to participate in the vote.

6. Bid Book Content

6.1 description of the host organisation

6.2 proposed dates booked on 1st option

6.3 detailed description of the two aforementioned congress venue + hotels and Congress hotel + other hotels

6.4 overview of

  • the host city and its international flight connections
  • infrastructure, public transportation, distance from congress/hotel venue to hotels, leisure attractions, climate
  • visa restrictions and visa requirements especially for EU participants
  • security aspects
  • information about any possible restrictions for the pharma industry to present their products/to exhibit or to invite delegates

6.5 hotel room capacity for approx. 1.000 rooms in 3 to 5-star category with prices and distance to the congress/hotel venue

6.6 detailed cost calculation of the congress/hotel venue including cost for technical equipment, AV, mandatory staff costs and catering, as per attached spreadsheet.

We kindly ask to present the venue in a detailed written report based on the on the above numbered items 6.1 to 6.6.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Core PCO MCI Germany GmbH, Berlin.