Membership goes from January to December

The European Society for Sexual Medicine is an independent medical society and the European Representative of the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM).

ESSM membership means:

  • full access to all topics of ESSM website
  • access to latest research results
  • receiving ESSM Today
  • becoming also an ISSM member
  • receiving JSM  journal
  • accessing the possibility to apply for ESSM grants
  • last but not least: Reduced fee at the annual congress

Yes -  I want to become a member!

The ESSM welcomes new applications for membership from individuals who are interested in the field of Sexual Medicine or related medical disciplines.

Interested potential new members can opt for either:

  • A combined ESSM/ISSM membership for both Sexual Medicine Societies (ESSM/ISSM) including all their special membership related services, the online subscription of the Journal for Sexual Medicine, the monthly issued official journal of the ISSM and ESSM, as well as reduced registration fees for all ISSM/ESSM related congresses.


  • ESSM membership only including the ESSM official Scientific and Social periodical, the "ESSM Today", full access to the ESSM web site, including the regularly updated scientific material with monthly up-dated literature reviews, the most recent guide lines, lecture recordings and presentations from past ESSM congresses, the right to participate in the ESSM educational programs, to apply for scientific and support grants and a reduced fee for the ESSM annual congress.

The ESSM encourages but not obliges our members to apply for combined ESSM/ISSM membership to benefit from both societies including the online subscription of the Journal for Sexual Medicine.

There are principally two membership categories available:

  • Full membership is open to all scientists or healthcare professional with specific interest in the field of sexual medicine and who have an appropriate qualification in their discipline.  A candidate for full membership will be required to make formal application to the ESSM. Membership applications can either be submitted directly to the ESSM or through one of the national ESSM affiliated societies. The ESSM Executive Committee is responsible for the approval of the membership application. The candidate may be asked to show evidence that his/her training and professional activities embrace the field of sexual medicine. Full members are entitled to vote at the Business Meeting.
  • Associate membership may be requested by any person who does not fulfill the above criteria, such as people in training, industry etc. Membership is subject to approval by the ESSM and associate members cannot vote or hold office in the Society.