Message of the President

Esteemed Members of ESSM,

The European Society for Sexual Medicine means Education and Science in Sexual Medicine. In the last years, we have established several educational programs and developed criteria for certification in Sexual Medicine and Sexology. However, there is a lot more to do. Basic knowledge in Sexual Medicine should be available to all medical students and physicians in their own language. Therefore we need to increase the awareness of policy makers about this delicate branch of medicine and inform all physicians about the causes and consequences of sexual problems. On professional level there is a great need for advanced educational programs in and outside Europe, but also for special health care providers like nurses and physical therapists.

In addition to the need for education, high level scientific research is required for enlightening the dark sides of Sexual Medicine. Although the development of the first oral medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction revolutionized our understandings in sex research in 1998, we still need to find resources and grants to make turn the baby steps in basic and clinical research into split run.

And last but not least multidisciplinary approach in education, science and clinical practice should be applied. Sexual Medicine means involvement of bio-psycho-social aspects and therefore the need for involvement of many disciplines in our society. This will lead to increase in research but also to increase in the number of members in our society.

We need the contribution, involvement and feedback of each one of you and hope to see you all in our events, meetings and courses.