ESSM Bylaws/Statutes

Since recently, the amended ESSM bylaws are available on our website.
Since recently, the amended ESSM bylaws/statutes  are available for members on our website. In the past year, the executive committee was working on these modifications of our bylaws.

These changes were necessary for a variety of reasons. It was clear that there is a need to increase transparency between members and affiliated societies, to address recent concerns, to strengthen the future of ESSM and make our society more administratively efficient.

We tried to make the representation of the affiliated societies within the executive committee more realistic, to regulate elections in an appropriate way and to define positions and responsibilities. After extensive preparation and commenting, the modifications have been accepted in the general assembly in Bari 2024 and finally they are now available to all members.

We are looking forward to collaborating with all of our members and to contribute to the future of our ESSM family!

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