Recently, the ESSM launched the YoSeMa (Young Sexual Medicine Academy) committee to involve young health-care professionals in the field of sexual medicine. YoSeMa aims to promote sexual medicine among young clinicians from various disciplines in order to increase knowledge and skills, to connect residents and young scientists with established specialists, and to define the needs of early-career sexual medicine specialists and sexologists.
Carla Sofia Veiga Rodrigues (PT) has been recently appointed as the chair of the YoSeMa committee for a period of 3 years, after an application and election process. This joint application also includes Sam Ward, Gideon Blecher and Laura Butvillaite as steering committee. We wish her lots of success in her new position.


The Young Sexual Medicine Academy (YoSeMA) aims to build a community engaging young health professionals with an interest in sexual health, to foster networking and education, support the goals of, as well as providing a bridge to ESSM activities. If you are a health professional less then 40 years old OR completed your FECSM/ECPS exam during the last 5 years, join us and help us take sexual medicine into the next step

Who is YoSeMa

The Young Sexual Medicine Academy (YoSeMA) is a steering group of young motivated fellows and graduated healthcare professionals (with an age limit of 40 years old) who aim to facilitate the engagement of others into ESSM activities, while spreading the word on sexual health throughout the health community.

YoSeMa Mission Statement

YoSeMa aims to raise awareness for sexual health, particularly among young healthcare professionals and provide tools for improving sexual health. YoSeMa wants to engage young health professionals with an interest in sexual health, to foster networking and education, support the goals of, as well as provide a bridge to the multiple ESSM activities, recruit students for ESSM school(s) and other (online) educational opportunities provided by our society. We want to engage with other young healthcare professional societies to empower each other.

Target groups

Students; Residents; Healthcare professionals (nurses, physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists) less then 40 years old; OR Fellows until 5 years after taking the exam; Everybody is free to join the group’s activities, with priority for the aforementioned groups.

How can belong to YoSeMa

Everyone that is part of ESSM or ISSM can be a member to YoSeMa. Non-Members apply to the Executive Committee for membership in both YoSeMa and ESSM.

YoSeMa Stucture Committee

  • 4 members will form the steering Committee, elected after a formal application and interview screening process
  • Term of mandate: 3 years
  • Outgoing chair to remain for further 12 months as Past Chair
  • No more than two members can arise from the same country
  • Candidate members should submit an application for election 4 weeks prior to AGM (held annually at ESSM)
  • Candidates elected by voting YoSeMa Members
  • Each registered member of YoSeMa is entitled to one vote
  • No proxy form are allowed

ESSM Meeting 2019 activities

  • Educational – Clinical Session during the 21st ESSM Congress, on the 14th of February (link to Congress Submission)
  • Social Interaction Program – After the session the Steering Committee will have an open panel to talk with members and a short get together.
  • More activities will be posted soon!
  • Social Media – Follow us on Social Media (links will be sent soon)