Letter from the President

Dear ESSM members and friends,

We hope this message finds you strong and healthy in this challenging moment. We all had to make radical changes in our daily life and profession in order to adapt to an unforeseeable emergency: never before has resiliency been such an essential virtue to practice and achieve. As healthcare providers, many of us are fighting upfront and giving our all to manage the Covid-19 crisis, while always acting within World Health Organization and government recommendations to keep our patients, our families and us as safe as circumstances allow.

Nevertheless, we at ESSM do not forget our mission and aspiration, that is to keep you updated, informed and educated on sexual health, and to provide the highest quality scientific content. Sharing information and knowledge, now more than ever, is what keeps us connected both among us and to a much larger, comforting sense of community and belonging.

So while we endure the “storm”, please support each other and our community and know that we are keeping up the hard work to prepare for the next ESSM congress in Rotterdam (February 18–20, 2021) where we will surely address new scientific challenges and have a lot of fun all together, once again.

Yours sincerely,

Carlo Bettocchi
ESSM President