The Future

Carlo Bettocchi
ESSM President

Dear friends, dear colleagues,

It is exciting to start my 2 years period of ESSM presidency!

I have been serving our Society since 2005 when I firstly entered inside the Executive Committee with Prof Montorsi as President. After 3 years of EC member, I then took the position of Affiliates Societies Representative and I did it for an overall period of 4 years until my election as Treasurer in 2012. The 6 years passed in this position (2012-2017) helped me to fully understand not only the different activities but mainly to become acquainted in the control of the financial balance, looking carefully in our incoming/outcoming movements and acquiring experience in the many functional mechanisms of governance of our scientific Society.

Now after more than 15 years of ESSM work inside the EC, it is my time to guide the boat and maintain it in safe places, trying to lead it towards new shores. A long time has passed by since the Erectile Dysfunction and PDE5 inhibitors were the scientific core business of our Society. Nowadays, a number of new challenging horizons display in front of us.
We have set up a strong and effective Educational Office and we have planned and organized a robust educational program for the next future mainly in the field of penile surgery. The incoming surgical project will be the first educational program on “penile prosthesis implant” with a final CME recognized title and the industries involved in this field are enthusiastic to get started. Our School of Sexual Medicine, literally designed by Cobi Reisman in the last 10 years, is now a unique example in the world and all other scientific societies look at us trying to replicate our format. We are growing in number of attendants every year and expanding in terms of worldwide countries from where requesting people is coming.

In the meantime, we are also running some great changing in our Society structure. In fact, in view of the incoming European revolution due to the Brexit, we have recently decided to move our Charity Company from UK to Belgium, a stable European country ideal for our finance. We have also changed after nearly 20 years our services provider company and CPO Hanser has now been replaced by the new one named MCI, which is giving us a number of new ideas not only for the annual congress format but also for the website and social network. CPO deserves our deepest gratitude for the outstanding job that they have given us for such a long period of time. I am sure that also MCI will collaborate with us for many years as it is in the ESSM style to create strong and durable partnerships. As all the dreamers, I have my personal vision for the next ESSM future.

I image a society without boundaries, able to be closer to each single affiliate Society and, even more, to each single member in his/her daily professional activities, teaching, educating, counselling and protecting. My first feeling is towards the young members of our Society, whose attitude is full of energy and ideas but still lacking experience and maturity. I give, therefore, great consideration to the recently born YOSEMA group. I really would like more and more young colleagues to get involved in the ESSM, getting the best of their ideas and experience in this field and in their countries, refreshing our Society mainly in communication and social activities. On the other hand, one of our main mission in the next few years should be to increase the connection with the other national and international Societies of Sexual Medicine worldwide. This strategy should be aimed to make the huge educational and scientific expertise of ESSM available also for extra European countries for a better information and training in sexual medicine.

To make dreams true, we need a very powerful team and a strong commitment. All the EC members are reliable, professionally valuable and good friends, as the ESSM members are hard workers and passionate care givers. All together, we can improve and fortify our Society, everybody being responsible of some specific task. We all have our busy professional life running in our countries, but we will find enough time to spend for the wellbeing of our Society. As it happens in the sports played by teams, we can win or loose together. I am sure that we are good and strong enough to win every year and so do not hesitate to stand up and be active every time you feel it is appropriate.

When I look back to all the previous ESSM Presidents I really feel honoured to belong to such a prestigious group of people which have contributes to create and develop such a strong and beautiful Society. I will do my best to ensure ESSM the brilliant future it deserves.

Best wishes to ESSM and to All of you.