The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Dr. Ellen T.M. Laan

Dr. Ellen T.M. Laan received her Achievement of the lifetime award from ESSM society.

She does have a wide range of expertise in the field of Sex, medicine Measurement, Psychophysiology, Sexual Behavior, Cognitive Neuroscience, Randomized Control Trials, Sexual Dysfunction and Gender Studies. Working and living in Amsterdam, she daily developed the understanding of sexual medicine.
Congratulations, Professor Laan for the Achievement of the Lifetime Award.

Her impact on her fellow human beings, students and colleagues was always a source of enrichment.  She has helped and moved many people with her work. She deserves the Achievement of the lifetime Award not only for her extraordinary work, but also for the way she lived.

The Essentials for Dr. Ellen T.M. Laan were compassion and empathy. She felt that it is alright to talk about all kind of things in life. Dedicating her life to psychology came from the desire to help others and understand herself.

To be able to honor such a person with the Achievement of the lifetime Award means a lot.

Thank you, Dr. Ellen T.M. Laan for the footprint you have left on earth. Thank you for your Achievement of a lifetime.