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Carlo Bettocchi
ESSM President

Ferdinando Fusco
ESSM Today Editor

Dear ESSM members, dear friends,

we were lucky enough to celebrate our annual meeting in Prague, last January, just before the Covid-19 pandemic spread.

The meeting was a huge success and we are sure that all participants were more than satisfied with the high scientific quality and the enthusiastic social interaction they could enjoy in those happy days. Unfortunately, the following months have been very tough and our personal daily life has undergone several necessary modifications. The same has been for the ESSM, and many projects and activities of our society have been revised accordingly. The planned 2020 edition of the School of sexual medicine has been postponed to April 9–18, 2021. Similarly, the 2021 ESSM annual meeting, to be held in Rotterdam, has been postponed to 2022, when we are sure the condition will consent a wonderful experience in the traditional face-to-face meeting. However, ESSM never stops working and producing culture and science. We are proud to offer to all our members a 2021 virtual meeting that will be held next February, whose purpose will be to share the latest relevant news in the field of sexual medicine, beyond the sad physical barriers that have grown so unexpectedly and fast. In the meantime, a series of webinars has been promoted to present and discuss our new “ESSM statements”, and others will come till the end of the year. We are also very close to launch the ESSM Academy of Genital Surgery and a new ESSM Textbook of Urogenital Prosthetic Surgery is expected to be published in 2021. Furthermore, we are already working to update our famous redbook, the “ESSM Manual of Sexual Medicine” and in the next future a similar update will be propose also for the bluebook: the “The EFS and ESSM Syllabus of Clinical Sexology”.

We are also enthusiastic to announce that a new scientific platform, named “ESSM Scientific Collaboration and Partnership” is currently under development, and we are sure that very soon this will help us to enhance even more the scientific activity of ESSM.

In tough times, people spontaneously spare energy and time for the utmost fundamental activities of their life. We strongly believe that either the scientific and the clinical activity that constitute our professional activity as experts of sexual medicine must be protected and safeguarded in any possible condition and situation. In this difficult moment, as always, ESSM is by your side.